Certainty is not of this world

★★★★ An excellent performance of a really fascinating subject which addressed one of the age old questions concerning science and humanity (Terry Eatham - LondonTheatre1)

★★★★ McLoughlin is an excellent actor who seamlessly slips into the role of enthusiastic university lecturer (Remotegoat)

★★★★ Prepare for a science lesson which will leave you dabbing your eyes...the connection between science and emotion is certainly thought-provoking (Rebecca Lunn - Three Weeks)

Dr. Laura Bailey (Abi McLoughlin), is a PHD in Quantum physics; she starts delivering a lecture to her freshers on the subject of quantum mechanics, leading her captive audience through  double slits experiments and cats in boxes which are dead AND alive at the same time, when  the lecture turns into a confession that mixes some of the more advanced ideas of physics with the professor's secrets, but what is the tragic tale that Dr. Bailey slowly reveals?

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The play is written by Dr. Andrea Brunello, PHD in Mathematics and Quantum Physics from Cornell University and Stony Brooks, adapted and directed by Stefania Bochicchio

​SWEET Holyrood - Venue 94 7pm



​Time-bending Ruby lives parallel lives: one an eighties boxer, one a computer coder for a modern-day startup, battling sexism and expectations in both decades. Million Dollar Baby and The Social Network collide in this punchy play. Written and directed by Offie-nominated director Jack Silver and starring Lizzie Stanton (Confessional, Southwark Playhouse; Lulu, Brighton Fringe). Tramp return to Edinburgh after their 2015 debut Fringe production, Confessional by Tennessee Williams, broke Southwark Playhouse’s box office record and picked up two Off West End Award nominations when it transferred to London.

​C too - Venue 4   5.50pm



A tale of aging, expectations and bananas

​Performed by a clown duo enrolled in Cirque du Soleil, accompanied by one-man orchestra Bird Radio and comedy directed by critically acclaimed Cal McCrystal, this show is a daring fusion of laughter and tears. An odd and elderly immigrant couple is waiting for their children... A life defined by vegetables, routine and memories is illustrated through grotesque body-mask, mime, object manipulation and live music played on classical instruments and kitchen utensils. ‘5-Star Theatre’ (Berria). ‘One of Marcel Marceau's finest students’ (AYoungerTheatre.com). ‘Refined and expressive puppetry’ (LondonDance.com). ‘A must-see live act’ (Evening Standard)

video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu7vhpFhc8M

ZOO venues - The Aviary 8.25pm



The unthinkable has already happened.

In a Black Mirror-esque near future,

two men face each other across a table.
The Government has ordered a bomb to be dropped on the motherland's civilian population killing a million people. Why?Everyone has reasons, even the cruellest of plans can be defended.
In an era of fake news and dystopic visions becoming everyday occurrences, the Politician and the Journalist facing each other across the table seem to be very distant in their arguments and ideologies, but their shifting convergence will bring a deflagration, like bringing matter in contact with its dark counterpart. Echoes is a taut, crucially topical two-hander that will generate
long discussions and food for thought.

ZOO venues - Monkey House 7pm



Infallible Productions is delighted to be present once again at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest Arts Festival in the world, in the year of its 70th edition.

We are present with four fantastic plays linked by one factor: fantastic quality!

A chilling dystopian two-hander ECHOES, a dramatic exploration of the meeting of emotion and science THE PRINCIPLE OF UNCERTAINTY,  a gripping tale of power, gender-role and boxing taking place in two different decades THE SWEET SCIENCE  and the clever, laugh-out-loud physical theatre piece LOSING IT! about an elderly couple dealing with solitude, otherness & loss, with live music, grotesque clown and puppetry.

Infallible London